Understanding Anew


It is news to no one that I am imperfect.  I fail in countless ways to love those around me, to give myself grace, to be patient with my kids, to not get angry, to be self-less rather than selfish.

I desire so much more from myself, but I am incapable.

But this morning I am reminded that these single moments of imperfection and failure do not define me.  I don’t have to stay stuck believing I am these moments.  No.

No matter how I mess up or fail, God’s love for me is greater still.



This truth moves me with deep gratitude. I’ve heard it a thousand times, but every now and then I receive a moment of understanding anew.  And today I am bathing in this one.

I choose to believe in a God who is able to wipe these moments away and who never gives up on me.

As I ran this morning and thought about these things, I envisioned a beautiful picture.

Like a parent with their child, I saw Jesus holding my face up to look towards His by tenderly cupping my chin in his palms.  He wants my deep attention.  He wants me to look solely at him, to let his words soak into my soul.  The sacredness of His touch and the tenderness in His eyes affirm His deep love.  He tells me He loves me deeper than I can fathom.  How His love is unattached to my successes or failures.  How He wants me to be free from the shackles of guilt and shame and to truly live.

His love strikes my heart so deeply, silent tears roll down my cheeks.

Where else could I ever experience such a love?

His words of grace carry with them a freshness I inhale deeply.  It is the freshness of hope.

I will not be excused from His presence or unanchored from the hold He has on me.  He will not give up on me or leave me.  He is WITH me always.

Today I am bathing.  Will you bathe in this truth with me?

No matter how I mess up or fail, God’s love for me is greater still.

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