Letter to Me: Let Yourself Off the Hook


Dear sweet Audi,

What would happen if you let yourself off the hook?

Off the hook of having to be perfect…

What would happen if you stopped trying to be the sum of everyone else’s strengths?

What would happen if you fully relaxed into EXACTLY who you are – imperfections and all?

You are not more desirable to be around, more worthy of love or more valuable to know when you try to hide your quirks or only expose your strengths.

When you try to be perfect, you take away the humanness of who you are.

And exactly who you are is BEAUTIFUL.

Some of the deepest connections you have with others come through your mutual understanding of and processing through your imperfections, mistakes and heartbreaks. Not through your understanding and connecting over how perfect each of you are.

And as you invite God into your imperfect parts and stop trying to change who He’s made you to be, there is deep, deep freedom. Within that freedom things like grace, humility, forgiveness and forever second chances become REAL and sweeter than anything you will ever experience.

Let yourself off the hook, sweet girl.

Let go.

Breathe in who you have been created to be and celebrate it.

You are loved desperately. You are valued beyond worth. You are accepted without conditions.

Always, always tenderly FOR you,



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