Letter to Me: Hard to Love


Dear sweet Audi,

I know you think you are hard to love today…

This week, your shortcomings seemed front and center, as if they were the sum of all your worth. The shame and guilt felt real and true.

But let me tell you: they are NOT true.

You expect perfection from yourself… standards way beyond what you expect from anyone else. And when you don’t meet the bar you’ve set, you lash out at yourself. In those moments being kind to yourself feels like you’re feeding yourself a lie.

But what would happen if you eased up on yourself?
What would happen if you allowed yourself to be human?

Maybe you’d be able to breathe just a little bit deeper.
Maybe you’d be able to free up the internal tension you carry within you.
Maybe you’d be able to offer the world a few more smiles.
Maybe you’d be able to begin to see just how lovable you are…

Breath in the truth that you are easy to love, sweet girl. Just as you are. Your realness is what makes you lovable… not your perfection.

Be FOR yourself… be on your own team today.

Always, always tenderly FOR you,



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